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Tuesday, August 03, 2021
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Stars Youth Group - -

District Youth Rally @ Pinehurst UMC
NCCUMC Youth Rally
April Movie Nights
The S.T.A.R.S. Youth group went and worshiped with youth from all over the Sanford District on Friday March 10th.  We had an awsome time Marching with the Penguins.  If you dont know ask someone that went.  We made alot of new friends and played some great new games.  We are looking forward to the next District event to see our new friends.

The S.T.A.R.S. Youth group brought the New Years in together fellowshiping and worshiping together.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the night playing games, worshiping, fellowshiping and just have a great time with our Christian friends.  Let me say thank you to all our visitors, Daniel, Steven, Jeff, John, Hannah and William.  It was great to have so many visitors, hope to see you all again.



We all had a great time staying up and finishing off our lock in at Sunday School and Worship.  Thank you to all our parents for letting us stay up and bring in the New Year as a Christian.

Christmas Party and Carolling '05

Well we all came together for a fun Youth Group Christmas party the S.T.A.R.S. way.  Everyone brought a gift from home that they no longer wanted and old pair of skates, lava night light and even some rocks....  We drew numbers and the gift exchange began with some interesting trading going on...

Im not sure what is about to take place lets see

Okay Lynn will tell us how it works  


       After we all got our gifts, it was time to give back

To give back we decided to go Carolling for some of those in the neighborhood that lived close

Afterwords we came back and ate, played games and just hung out with friends in Jesus. 

 Ohhhhh don't forget that the we were in the spirit of the holidays just look at our feet



This year Star United Methodist Church sent 10 of our youth to the conference youth rally.  Pilgrimage had over 6,000 youth from 6th to 12th grade Praising and Worshing our LORD and SAVIOR.  Thanks to all who supported our fundraisers, sponsored a student, and prayed for us.


Crown colliseum filled with 6,000 students            Saturday Morning Worship


S.TA.R.S.  Youth getting warmed up...                         Getting ready for worship in our new YOUTH SHIRTs

 now we are moving,

 Praise and worship

 This is why we go to WORSHIP GOD! 

Hot Dog Fundraiser

 The night started off Good!

Meghan came as her favorite character, do you know who she is?

 as the night went on we got really busy!!!  Thank you to all who came and supported our youth group and that helped make this a success.

District Youth Rally


Worshiping together at the rally                                                                     we all have fun at S.T.A.R.S.

Western North Carolina Conference Youth Rally

 Listening to the band and getting prizes for worshiping
Some of the youth think they are still kids!?!?!                           The S.T.A.R.S. Team that went to the WNCC Youth Rally
But we all worship and fellowship together at S.T.A.R.S.

Youth Camp out and Lock-in           


The youth group hanging out and playing games at the church before our campout or was it camp in.  Anyway we all had a great time!!            

The youth did their part to help in the March of Dimes Walk, we all look really good in the Morning :)
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