Star United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Living & Loving Like Christ

Ways to Get Connected

How are you Connected?
At Star United Methodist, we serve our community in various ministries and outreaches.  We have several opportunities through out the week and on weekends, some meet weekly while others monthly.  If you are searching for a way to get connected, serve others, grow deeper in your faith or just fellowship check out one of our ministry opportunities.
If you don't see what your looking for contact Pastor Kay or anyone of the leaders of these ministries to see about starting a new ministry opportunity all that is needed is YOU!

Intercessory Prayer
The Intercessory Prayer team comes together to lift up the needs of others in prayer.  The team is open to anyone who has a desire to grow in their prayer life, and learn to pray fervently for the needs of others.  The Intercessory Prayer team meets every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, if you would like more information contact Ann Kern.

Sunday School Classes
If you are looking to grow deeper in your faith, get connected with people your age and fellowship as a group then check out one of our numerous Sunday School Classes.  Star UMC has several different Sunday School classes from Elementary school up to our Seasoned Adult Class.  Where ever you are along life's journey you will find a class that meets on Sunday from 9:45am to 10:45am.  If you would like more information regarding our classes or where you can be connected contact Peggy Brewer.
Ushers / Greeters
 We believe that everyone who comes to Star UMC should feel like part of our family.  This begins before someone even walks through the door.  We want everyone to feel welcome and strive to do that by meeting you at the door and saying "hello", "welcome home" and "come in".  If this is your first time and you want to meet new people simply talk to one of our greeters who will introduce you to the family.  If you have a passion for people and want every one who visits to leave feeling part of our family then see Pastor Kay to serve as one of our greeters.  Igniting Ministry through the Conference is also available if you are looking to take welcoming others to a higher level.
Choir & Music
Making a joyful noise for the LORD is what our Choir and Music department is all about.  If you have a voice of an angel or a voice that you would never let anyone hear signing, think about sharing your talents with the Choir and Music department.  All of us have glorious voices in Gods ears.  Share your voices with Deborah Spivey and your Musical talents with Marilyn Phillips, they will make you feel comfortable as you share your gifts with others.
Grounds Keeping
When you feel that life is rushing by at an uncontrollable speed you can step onto the lovely grounds at Star UMC and feel Gods presence in the midsts of our grounds.  The work that is to be done is hard, but all who pass by see the beautiful work of our grounds keepers.  From the park to the lawn, flower beds to the Cemetery we have plenty to do for anyone who wants to help.  For lawn care and grounds keeping contact Terry Jerrell and for planting and donating benches, tables or landscaping contact Ricky Freeman.
Meals on Wheels
Star UMC is participating with the town of Star in delivering meals within our community to those that need a little assistance.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to visit with others that may not be able to get around as they once could.  If you have some spare time at lunch one day a week and enjoy visiting and talking with others how about sharing some time and participating with Meals on Wheels.  For information and sign ups see Robin Hussey.
Food Pantry
The Biscoe Community Food pantry serves over 250 families each week and is a vital service to our community.  Star UMC helps the pantry by collecting food and serving on a rotating basis with other local churches through out the county.  If you have a heart for helping those who have fallen on financial hard times contact Gene Anderson for more information.  Christ came to serve those who were in need.
Hand in Hand with Star Elementary School
What is The Hand in Hand Project?

The HAND in Hand Project is a ministry that connects churches with schools.  Communities of faith build a supportive partnership with a local school in order to reach out to children and youth in the community who are in need.  Communities of faith act as a resource by motivating its membership to volunteer as mentors, tutors, reading buddies, and prayer partners with the school staff.
Why is this ministry needed?

More than ever all of God’s children are in need of love, support, encouragement and prayer.  There are many children and youth in our communities who need our help and we have no avenue of reaching them, yet they are in our schools each day.  The number of kids in need is growing and our educators are feeling the demands.  They too are in need of a supportive community and both the educators and children are in need of our prayers.
 If you are interested in Hand in Hand project contact Pastor Kay for more information.
Small Group Bible Study
Star UMC has numerous Bible study groups that are meeting at various times and locations.  If you have a desire to dig deeper into God's word, Grow closer in your walk then come and visit one of the Study groups and enjoy fellowship and growth.  If you have a need or a desire to learn more about a book in the bible, Discipleship, Foundations or any other area in your life see Pastor David to get connected with  a Group.  We have Groups in all stages, forming, just started and nearly finished, where ever they are you can come in and join them and feel right at home.  Contact Pastor Kay for current study options.

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