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Tuesday, August 03, 2021
Living & Loving Like Christ


2006-2007 Youth Leaders are:
  • President --  Elizabeth Hutchins
  • Vice President -- Jessica Henley
  • Senior Rep -- Vacant
  • Junior Rep -- Danielle Knight
July 2006
Where did summer go?  Its half over and Im not sure I remember when it flew by so fast.  Well we are starting back this month after our time off.  On the 21st we have our movie night .... so lets come together and bring some friends to watch movies.  The 30th is our youth group meeting.  Lets try and get everyone who is here this summer to come and worship.
June 2006
June was a time to relax and catch up with our family and friends.  Your youth leaders took the time to go on vacation, study and get ready for another awesome year or working for Christ serving his youth in our church and community.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the time off and are ready to come back.  Remember Kim and Jeff along with Kim's brother David in your prayers.  David lost his wife this summer in a traffic accident. 
May 2006

Youth Rally Day
May has seen alot of activities and there are still more to come.  We attended the District Youth Rally at Pinehurst UMC and made several new friends from West End UMC, Pinehurst UMC and several more.  The youth that attended were challanged to go make friends and what an experience that was, Danielle proved she is the friendliest of them all, Jessica R., Hannah and Elizabeth were trying their hardest to catch Danie but it just didn't happen. 

May Movie is on the 19th and we are scheduled to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Our goal is to reach 50 youth at this event.  That means we need everyone to invite and bring 2 friends.  Meghan J is leading the group in friends brought, she will be getting a surprise at the next Youth event.  Lets make sure we give Meghan a challange and see if some one else can bring more friends.

Special Attention for our May 21st Youth Group.  We will be meeting at 3:00 pm to do a neighborhood can walk to support the Biscoe Food Pantry.  If you have a youth group t-shirt, be sure you wear it to identify where we are from and help us to gather more cans.

Lock-in yes we will be having another lock-in.  The lock-in will be on Saturday night June 3rd starting at 6pm.  We will be having another scavanger hunt to see what team will be the champions this year.  Teams will be All Stars, Jr. and Sr. Ministry Teams.  This will be a competion to see what ministry team complete the most tasks, collect the most items and have the most attend.  That means you need to invite all your friends and make sure they are there to help your team win.  Just like NEW YEARS we will attend Sunday School and Worship before going home.

Conference Youth Rally Day
Rocky Mount, NC-
Conference Youth Rally Day will be held April 23 from 3-6 pm at NC Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount. Conference Youth Rally Day is an afternoon gathering of youth groups from local churches across the Conference. The Rally is a time for fellowship in faith, worship in praise of God, and a celebration of the place and role of youth in the life of the church.

The theme for Rally Day 2006 is Momentum. James 1:22 says "Do not merely listen to the word...Do what it says."

February 2006
Another Great Youth Event.  Winter Jam 2006 saw a record crowd of almost 17,000 in attendance.  Our youth group had 28 youth and 6 adults attend the concert of the year.  Let's make sure we say "hi" to all our visitors that went with us, Ashley, Daniel, Garrett, Rivers, Caleb. Megan, Courtney, Melissa, Kim, Grant and Delana.  Oops lets not forget the adults Mr. and Mrs. Johnson for coming out and worshiping with us.  We need to celebrate the 11 that went forward during the alter call and rededicated their lives to Jesus.  Lets walk with them each day chasing after God to see his face.

Did you hear the news?  At our February Movie Outreach night we had 22 youth present to watch the movie "The Gospel".  Way to go, everyone did a great job at getting the word out to our friends and opening the door for all to attend.  Let's make sure that we say "Hi" to all those who visited like Courtney, Garrett, Caleb, Dallas, Rivers, Hannah, Tyler, Hailey and Zach.  I hope you will all follow up with those that visited and invite them back for our next event

If you have a friend that you would like to see join us, give Randy their name and info he will set up a time to go visit them with you and will set up a day to invite them and share the good news of Gods Salvation with them.

Randy wants to start an email list to be able to get information out, share prayer concerns and keep each other updated on what is going on with S.T.A.R.S.  send your email address to Randy at


Ever wanted to witness to someone . . . but wanted to do it creatively?

Here are some ideas of how to do just that:
  1. Wear a T-shirt with an evangelistic theme. When someone asks you about it, share the Gospel with him/her.
  2. Send a letter to a lost friend with the purpose of sharing your testimony and/or the Gospel.
  3. Invite a lost friend to church.
  4. Give a Christian devotional book to your lost friends.
  5. Distribute tracts in various public areas (examples: phone booths, rest areas, public buildings, etc.).
  6. Take time to call a lost friend, give them words of encouragement, invite them to church, and take time to witness to them.
  7. Take some lost friends to a recreational event. Make a special effort to witness to them and/or share your testimony.
  8. Have a Sunday school party or fellowship at your home for the purpose of inviting lost persons and prospects. Have different people in the group share their testimonies and have someone present the plan of salvation.
  9. Give a lost friend a CD or cassette of Christian music as a gift. Follow up with a witnessing opportunity.
  10. Give a lost friend a Bible as a gift. Mark the Bible with the plan of salvation.
  11. Take a lost friend to a Christian concert. Make it an opportunity to share your faith.
  12. Offer to be a volunteer sitter with a shut-in. Build a friendship with that person and share your testimony and faith.
  13. Volunteer to baby-sit the baby or child of a lost couple. Build a relationship with them, invite them to church and tell them how Jesus has changed your life.
  14. If someone you know is experiencing grief over the death of a loved one, make a special effort to comfort and tell how Jesus can give hope and help during their bereavement.
  15. Go on church visitation once a week.

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